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TBOS Reference: Gear Steward by Le-Gris-Harlequin TBOS Reference: Gear Steward by Le-Gris-Harlequin
Name: Gear Steward
Age: Doesn't quite know but around 20.

Physical Appearance:
He's skinny and of careless appearance. Generally uses worn garments, a long scarf he sometimes uses to cover his mouth and carries generally tools, small spares, a sturdy rope and large hammer. Since he works fixing things he has had minor injuries and lost three fingers, index and middle in the left hand and the pinky in the right hand.

In a city where not many dare enter stands a huge tower that elongates through the horizon, piercing the ever covering clouds. In that tower lives Gear Steward. The tower holds a great machine that grows as tall and deep as the tower itself. Gear's job is to take care of it. That's why he is called like that. In his land, you are named for your job, so he Gear Steward, works to tend the gears and coils and cables of the tower.
The reason for this is because, every once in an while, a child is offered to the current keeper of the tower to continue tending it. Learning throughout his life how to take care of it, going up and down the multiple levels with easy, and how to fix it soon to avoid any danger to its structure.

He has not much contact with the outside world so with the little people he sees he treats them well, but acts a little shy. He though is very curious and loves telling stories, for stories are very appreciated all over his land.

As he was raised to take care for the tower he had to grow fast and limber to rise to the upper levels fast andbe able to fix in any way, both rudimentary or detailed, the machines that he would find malfunctioning. He has keened his senses as to feel the tower's constant clanking all over hthe city he explores and a keen ear and eyesight to locate small malfunctions. Why only one person takes care of the tower, who knows, but it has been for that way since so long no one asks anymore. He has an ease to understand several topics, just as his friend Wend Vendor keeps instructing him in, and a knack to tell stories, but lately, there hasn't been much to tell a story about.

Latley though, he has seen several buildings that appeared out of nowhere and has investigated them finding both horrible and fantastic things. It is in one of them where he finds The Book of Stories, from which he takes a page.

Fun Facts:
-He has never seen the sun shining, glass or a reflection. So when he sees glass reflecting his image he freaks out.

Here's my application for TBOS : OCT. The image was edited quickly, but I will put a better one once I have time to re-do it.

Audition: [link]

Image Dump With references:[link]
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